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everything you need to align teams using visual task and project management mind mapping processes.

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everything you need to manage projects from start to finish

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to manage projects

the ideal companion for Mindjet MindManager 16. 71 project maps and Excel spreadsheets

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Team, Isolated,

Fragmented ?

our training provides strategies for getting your teams to work as an integrated whole, focused on a shared purpose, aligned to a well- designed plan with shared responsibilities using good practice principles for measuring team performance

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Engagement, Team Work


We work with you to set up a charter of shared processes to maximize productive TEAM WORK regarding what needs to be done, who is responsible for a task, who each team member reports to (shared responsibility) and we then use appropriate technologies to make it happen.

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MindManager Overview introduction

Practical and Visual


Mindjet MindManager 17 is SOON TO BE RELEASED providing a business productivity tool with organic process design and mind mapping capabilities to help you quickly focus on results.


Features the key

Ideal for Individual Use

Ideal for Individual Use

Mindjet MindManager 16 is ideally suited for use in any scenario or environment - from student to highly skilled professional. It is a can-do-number-8 wire tool sure to produce results.

Ideal for Teams

Ideal for Teams

Use Mindjet MindManager 16 to manage projects with your team. Use the review feature to get team members to review a project map and make asynchronous changes

Optimised  for Enterprise Application

Optimised for Enterprise Application

A team of ten or more qualifies for Mindjet MindManager Enterprise. Full Microsoft SharePoint and Zapier integration

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Visually Designed Tasks

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The ideal productivity tool

Mindjet MindManager 16

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