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mindmapping at its best. visualise your work with


Leverage your Microsoft 365 investment to create dynamic, collaborative, digital workplace dashboards where people excel using MindManager. 

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Create maps faster and better using the
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Choose your MindManager version

Mindjet MindManager is available for purchase according to your work or study situation. Choose the version that best suits you.


As an individual, business owner or entrepreneur one of the biggest challenges is to remain in control of your information flow and not lose sight of your end goal. The same approach works for SME’s and start-ups. Mindjet MindManager provides an intuitive and visual way of managing any actiivity or project form start to finish.

Enterprise (5 or more)

Mindjet MindManager is the trusted mind mapping and project management tool used by Fortune 500 companies around the world. Manage people, resources and budgets in a collaborative visual project environment from start to finish.

New ! Now integrates with Microsoft Teams


Mindjet MindManager is used extensively by  councils and government departments across Australia and New Zealand to manage complex projects. Tight integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint  and Project provides a powerful way of collaborative planning, management  and project execution.



Mindjet MindManager academic provides staff and students with a visual way of managing any academic project or assignment. Its tight integration with Microsoft Office makes it a powerful academic tool for collating, organising, managing and synthesising information.
About MindManager

Not sure?

MindManager visualises disconnected ideas and data  into structured, manageable processes that make information easy to understand, synthesise  and share.
 capture everything
 organise with ease
communicate more effectively

Integrates with Microsoft Teams 

manage ideas to completion
work as coordinated teams
integrates with Microsoft Office

integrates with Microsoft SharePoint


MindMapping at its best

There are many mind mapping offerings on the net, but MindManager still remains the business tool of choice for serious mind mapping users. Take any idea from concept to reality. Share brainstorming sessions and work together in teams with MindManager 21.


Organise your organisation and teams

MindManager provides a quick and easy way to organise your teams according to responsibilites and workflows.


Manage time deliniated overviews

Visualise timelines and deliverables on projects, tasks and deliverables.


MindMap processes

Use MindManager to create accurate and concise flowcharts to manage any process or program.


Create visual representations

Use MindManager to create visual representations between concepts and ideas


Visualise dependencies

Define the relationship between sets of items to identify similarities and differences.


Mindmapping to agile project management tool

Agily visualize work, arrange a team’s workflow, and ensure maximum efficiency of your projects.


Mind Map multiple stages in any process

Use MindManager to define  multiple stages in any process to identify potential problem areas.


Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Matrix diagrams are a great tool to display the relationships between multiple data sets.


Mindlogik Ltd. has been selling and supporting MindManager  clients  longer than any other business in the greater Australasian region. 20 years, 2600 or so clients and businesses later and three changes of ownership of the MindManager  brand and we are still firmly committed to being the best and most knowledgable Mindjet Partner in promoting and selling this great visual project and task management tool. We also sell and support a range of MindManager add-ins and resources we have developed as part of our Mindlogik brand. Our other software brand we are firmly committed to selling and supporting is TechSmith Snagit and Camtasia, a design and screen capturing tool which is the perfect productivity fit for Mindjet MindManager.
replace Post-it® Notes with MindManager

How We Work


Get a free first consultation

If you are not sure about which version of MindManager to purchase, please contact us for a free consultation and we will help guide you through the process.

Project, add-in  and template  development

We provide a dedicated MindManager resource development service. Need a specific template developed for a project? Talk to us.

Learning Management Systems

Mindlogik is an accredited DOCEBO LMS Partner. Contact us via our ALIGNED LEARNING SOLUTIONS website for dedicated Docebo learning management system advice.

Case Studies


What we did
Develop product safety
Enterprise integration
SharePoint coordinate
 Review internal standards

ABB:Loss Mapping

What we did
Loss Mapping
Increase Productivity
Defined KPIs
Visualised framework


is a global technology company and supplies systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology
What we did
 Applied to purchasing
 used to access data
Applied to labeling
Coordinated processes
MindManager Testimonials
Customer Stories

Education Development Centre

EDC is a global nonprofit organization that transforms lives through learning. EDC uses MindManager to create a culture of project management to develop curricula, policies, programs, and information that address some of the world’s most urgent challenges in education, health, and economic development. See how MindManager can change the way you work.

Bob Spielvogel – VP CTO

Esko Bionics

Ekso Bionics’ exoskeletons are designed to help people with spinal injuries stand up and walk again. That’s a huge undertaking, and so is the clinical testing. Ekso uses MindManager to collaborate with top rehabilitation hospitals on significant research that will lead to further advancement of their life-changing products.

Karl Gudmundsson, Ekso Bionics, VP



SensorLink’s high-voltage monitors accurately gauge and pinpoint issues in the world’s power grid. SensorLink stays agile and responsive with MindManager. They use MindManager to solve production process problems, prioritize and track projects, and increase customer responsiveness. And they do it while keeping every team in the organization involved.

Robert Pendergrass – Engineering Manager

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