Mindlogik Ltd. has been Mindjet's local Premier partner for 12 years. Over this time we have provided MindManager and related products , support and services to more than 2600 New Zealand and Australia businesses and individuals.

Mindjet's price (including the “free” add-in) is not actually a true reflection of price.

Mindjet is offering MindManager, which excludes UPP at AUD$493.
Our cost, including MindManager Upgrade Protection (UPP) for one year =   MindManager AUD$349.00 +UPP AUD$69.00 =AUD$419.00.
The “free” add-in with a savings of AUD$ 152.90 is actually not “free” or a savings at all.
This add-in can be purchased from OLYMPIC LIMITED  for 49 pound = AUD $98.55.


If you purchase MindManager + UPP + co editing through Mindjet you will be paying AUD $493 + AUD$129 = AUD$623.70

If you purchase MindManager + UPP + co editing through Mindlogik you will be paying AUD $349.00 + AUD$69 +AUD$29 = AUD$447.00
Total savings: AUD$147.00
If you decide to purchase the “free” Task4Maps add-in at AUD$98.55 directly from us or Olymic Ltd you will still be on the winning side of a savings of AUD$48.45