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MindManager 21 for e-learning module development

  • Brainstorming
  • Note taking
  • Structuring information
  • Capturing knowledge
  • Problem solving
  • Planning projects and tasks
  • Researching and consolidating information from multiple sources  for using in e-learning modules and courses 
  • Presenting information
  • Gaining insight on complex e-learning subjects

Use the new co-editing App to get staff and e-learning developers to collaborate on projects. Collaborate with your colleagues on lms work and resource development.

Are you a Microsoft 365 user? EVEN BETTER!   Use MindManager for Microsoft Teams to coordinate and  manage e-learning development, projects and tasks.

Leverage your learning management system investment to create dynamic, collaborative, digital workplace dashboards to map out and collate all e-learning resource taxonomies using MindManager.

In this modern day and age, e-learning content is required to be digital and relevant to real-world application.

MindManager is an intuitive visualisation software for  creating and structuring complex topics–quickly, clearly and easily–so relationships can be detected and understood better.

Use MindManager to develop your e-learning structures and content, link to all relevant resouce and  save your MindManager developed e-learning modules for cyclical review and keeping everyone in your organisation informed about any elearning development. 

We are the APAC MindManager Premier Partner with a mission to provide schools with an affordable learning tool to boost the way learners discover, manage, synthesise and use information to construct their learning.

MindManager supports digital learning


  • Provide a clear structure to course content
  • Link different source of information/documents
  • Modify existing information and process new ideas with flexibility
  • Provide varied structure to e-learning modules
  • Communicate easily across your organisation using co-editing and HTML export.


  • Better understanding and memory thanks to visual managing of information  and presentation
  • Intuitive user interface for managing and organising informative texts, video and images
  • Clear presentation and object structuring
  • Critical visual processing of e-learning modules being developed

Create your own e-learning curriculum dashboards and save your most valuable resource – TIME

MindManager empowers teachers to quickly and easily create visual curriculum and lesson dashboards. Develop module plans, link to relevant documents, research and refine module resources, add and collate data (video, audio, Word, Pdf  and website, etc). Link to  Cloud repositories – Google Drive, Drop Box, One Drive, SharePoint, Box.

Work collaboratively on curriculum and module work. Manage projects and assign team members. If your school uses Microsoft Office 365, we have an option to provide access to Microsoft Teams.

You can learn so many new skills

Supercharge the way you learn using MindManager.

The methods of mind mapping are tried-and-tested and have been implemented in learning methods (Tony Buzan). Whereas plain text is processed by the left half of the brain – which is associated with language, logic and numbers – the structures, colours and images of mind maps activate the right half of the brain – which is responsible for the visual imagination.

I use it personally to organize almost everything I plan. Probably the most productive has been the application to the authoring of a textbook on a complex topic – Building Information Modeling. MindManager allowed me to not only organize the structure of the book but also to write the majority of the content in that structure and export it to Word for the final editing. Due to the complexity of the subject, the flexibility of MindManager was crucial in allowing the continual evolution of the final structure of the complex content without losing any of the text that was part of the project at any point in the process. The content could be refined without being concerned about the location in the structure and moved as needed to any other part of the organization of the overall project.

Willem Kymmell

Professor , California State University, ChicoHigher Education, 1001-5000 employees