Reduce information overload -visualize data  with MindManager

Ever used Post-It Notes ?   Mindjet MindManager works in very much the same way, but instead of having to create physical representations of brainstorming, project or organisational tasks, you use a visual canvass to take ideas and projects from concept to completion! 

Mindjet MindManager 2020 is a visual organisational tool that integrates  with Microsoft Office. The idea behind the development of MindManager is that you only need to handle information once - in the creation phase of the mind mapping process. Once your project has been developed you add resources, timelines and costs. The project can then be exported for presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint or exported as a report in Microsoft Word , Excel or PowerPoint. 

The new version of Mindjet  MindManager has an additional annual subscription co-editing function for sharing projects as a team. There is also a nifty HTML 5 export function for sharing projects using a web browser. 

Mindjet MindManager 2020 - Co-Editing
If you need to collaborate with your team using Mindjet MindManager then you will need to purchase a co-editing subscription...
$29.00 AUD
Mindjet MindManager MAC 12 Upgrade Protection Plan - Commercial
The Mindjet MindManager 19 upgrade protection Plan can be purchased with either a full licence or upgrade licence. This is an...
$39.00 AUD
Mindjet MindManager 2020 Upgrade Protection Plan -Commercial
This is an annual subscription and provides the following benefits. The Mindjet Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) is an annual subscription...
$69.00 AUD
Mindjet MindManager MAC 12 Commercial Upgrade
The Mindjet MindManager Mac commercial version is the ideal business tool to plan develop and execute any government initiative or...
$89.00 AUD
Mindjet MindManager 2020 Subscription License
MindManager 2020 for Windows simplifies the way you process and manage information, by turning scattered ideas and data into clear...
$175.00 AUD
Mindjet MindManager MAC 12 Commercial
The Mindjet MindManager MAC 12  COMMERCIAL version is the ideal business tool to plan, develop and execute any government development initiative...
$179.00 AUD