Mindjet MindManager for Research

When you're working on a new research project or assignment, it's easy to lose all sense of direction in the flood of data. One approach to prevent from being overpowered is to continue to refer back to a visual comprehensive view of the data. This is likely where you'll begin with something new, so returning to investigate and review how existing research supports, contradicts or refutes a new idea or concept you are investigating fits well with using a mind tool like Mindejt MindManager to create and visually expose information or data into it's bigger whole.

When the brain takes in new information, it comprehends it better if it already has information related to the subject matter or study.

This is where starting with the central part of an idea gives you a starting point, the focal part of a thought, something to hang each detail on to as you explore,cross-examine and interrogate every subtle element as you investigate and cross examine your research, creating a library of visual research mind maps.

The added advantage is that you can then export your visual research explorations directly into Microsoft PowerPoint or Word, ready for proposal presentation or assignment/research citation.

Ideal for the seasoned researcher, school or tertiary student - ideal for writing school assignments, tertiary assignments, Masters or Phd's - Mindjet MindManager - The Visual way of getting Research done!

Mindjet MindManager 17 Windows and Mac 10 Academic Pack

The Academic Mindjet MindManager 17 version is the ideal mind tool to plan, develop and execute any school /tertiary assignment, thesis or PhD. Why not take the affordable option and purchase an academic campus pack providing whole school/ campus use? Contact us for details. PLEASE NOTE: All academic licences include...