Develop a Meeting Collaboration Map

Develop a Meeting Collaboration Map

Patrick Baker


I thought that this week's map would be a quick build and deliver for our MindManager client base. (Now nudging 2790 clients and growing so thank you for your support and subscriptions !).

The image and icon sets for indicating months and week days that are provided in most mind mapping software I have reviewed is mostly limited to one color - 12 images/ icons for months and 7 images/ icons for week days. Fair enough. This is most probably all you need. 

I decided (retrospectively against my better judgment as it has taken me all of a day to complete) to build an extended set for use with Mindjet MindManager 19. By the way - remember that MindManager 2020 is due this month and I will be updating all of the free and paid sets to work with the new version as well). Check our website about a week after release to download the updated sets.

So  my little foray into developing a new set of month and week day icon sets resulted in a free Mindlogik Icons4Maps pack containing the following: 

 Months of the Year  Pack

192 X 2 = 384 different months of the year color images and icons

Days of the Week Pack

105 x 2 = 210  different days of the week color images and icons

594 images and icons in total

The months pack contains some additional images not included in the icons set due to the text not being readable if included as an icon. 

The STARTER Meetings map includes links to some of the meeting management  software I use in tandem with MindManager. The Meeting MindManager map and install-able Icons4Maps Icon and Images Meeting Months-Weeks Pack  can be downloaded for free from our online shop.

Get it here 

PS - if you have a good idea for a MindManager map of images and icon set do let me know and I will add this to our experimental MindManager map development cycle. 

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